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Business Design, Innovation

The Continuum Walking Path: An Indoor Adventure

Boston 04.01.14, 11:32AM by Alison Kotin and Taylor Reynolds

For most Americans, the typical workday involves coffee, thinking, and a lot of sitting… 86% of us spend our workdays in a chair. And we’re not just sitting at work: the average American sits for a total of 13 hours a day, and sleeps an average of 8 hours. That’s 21 hours of doing nothing … Read more

Global Markets

Watch Chris Hosmer at The Economist’s Big Rethink 2014

Boston 03.25.14, 12:37PM by Evan Davis

Chris Homser recently spoke on a panel at The Economist’s Big Rethink Conference about marketing to China’s middle class. Read more about the session here, and watch a video of the discussion below.Read more

Design Trends, Product Design

Judging at The Grommet’s Product Pitch 2014

Boston 03.24.14, 10:53AM by Chris Page

March 20th marked the second annual Product Pitch by Greater Boston’s own The Grommet, a source for finding and providing mentorship, driving traffic and creating sales to smaller startups it deems clever enough to be called a “grommet”. The Product Pitch pits “Maker-Entrepreneurs” from around the country and their ideas in hea- to-head competition.  First, in … Read more

Health Care

Focusing Diagnostics on the Experience

Boston 03.05.14, 03:52PM by Mike Dunkley

With Theranos gaining publicity for its mission to revolutionize clinical lab testing, many people are scratching their heads about how it’s being achieved.  However, put technological curiosity aside and take note of the compelling customer value proposition that has guided development of its service: Easy access for customers via “Wellness Centers” within 5 miles of … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design

Innovations in Designer Care

Boston 02.28.14, 12:31PM by Evan Davis

Mike Dunkley, VP of Program Development at Continuum Advanced Systems, discusses advances in targeted therapeutics and the future of pharmaceuticals at the 2013 Future of Health Technology Summit. The Future of Health Technology Summit is an annual event that brings together leading health and technology experts to reveal, share and debate ideas about cutting-edge medical … Read more

Brand, Consumer Understanding, Design Trends, Product Design

03: Why Do We Love Inanimate Objects?

Boston 02.20.14, 05:08PM by Kevin Young

Ever wonder why you have such a strong emotional connection to objects? Why do you love your car, your headphones or even your favorite pen? It’s probably because a lot of thought went into the design of that product to ensure it would evoke the right logical and visceral response from you. Think of it … Read more

Brand, Consumer Understanding, Service Design

4 Things Retailers Can Do to Beat Online Giants

Boston 02.06.14, 11:37AM by Kord Brashear

Many indie retailers are searching for the right business models to compete against the online giants. While it is easy to imagine why retailers think they need to compete on traditional dimensions such as price, assortment, transactional ease and logistics, that is not what separates Amazon and others from the pack. The remarkable quality about … Read more

Consumer Understanding, Global Markets, Human Centered Design, Service Design

Working with The Poorest Women in Pakistan

Boston 01.28.14, 04:18PM by Harry West and Rachel Lehrer

We recently completed a project for CGAP that used applied product innovation techniques to finding ways to help government-to-person (G2P) beneficiaries in Pakistan. The insights from this research provide a nuanced understanding of the difficulties of providing financial services to the very poorest in a society, specifically the barriers that come from extreme illiteracy. This … Read more

Consumer Understanding, Global Markets, Human Centered Design, Service Design

Literacy a Hidden Hurdle to Financial Inclusion

Boston 01.28.14, 04:15PM by Harry West and Rachel Lehrer

Literacy is often a hidden hurdle to bringing financial inclusion to the unbanked. Systems that should work in theory break down when poor people are unable to learn how to use them or are unable to assume the accountability of consumers who know their rights and how to obtain recourse to maintain transparency and honesty … Read more

Consumer Understanding, Design Trends, Service Design

Isis Closing Poses Question: Can Maternity Support Make Money?

Boston 01.20.14, 10:40AM by Kord Brashear

When Isis, the Boston-based upscale outlet for maternity classes and products, abruptly closed this week, its chief executive Heather Coughlin told the media that it was because of the “tough environment for independent retailers. It’s no mystery. There are a lot of competitive forces – there’s and” But at its core, Isis, with … Read more

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