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Dynamic Digital Media

How does a mobile technology leader draw attention to yet another new product at its flagship store? With a bold and unexpected digital experience.

Custom video mapping and shaping were used to deliver breathtaking imagery that bring the stories of the products to a larger-than-life display.

In the heart of the Power & Light District, the Midwest’s entertainment epicenter, is the Sprint Studio, the brand’s flagship retail store. It is an environment of exploration and experimentation, a place to launch and evolve new customer driven experiences in a carefully controlled setting. Continuum designed the physical embodiment of Sprint’s brand energy and promise, building on consumer and industry insight.

Designing a destination for Sprint’s consumers meant looking into what would be different, engaging, inspiring, welcoming and impactful. The Sprint Studio encompasses digital content on seventeen large flat screens, multi-touch interactive digital tables and kiosks interacting with consumers. Our job was to turn these screens and kiosks into an experience.

Sprint also celebrated the launch of a breakthrough product with a stunning digital display of video and animation captured in a unique, multilayered projection.This digital experience introduced Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D smartphone and EVO 4G View tablet to market. Sprint looked to Continuum to create this innovative digital experience to catch the attention of passers-by and entice them to learn more. Most digitally-projected retail presentations are one-dimensional, Continuum’s solution incorporated up to fifteen projections occurring simultaneously.

Custom video mapping and shaping were used to deliver breathtaking imagery that bring the stories of the products to a larger-than-life display. To choreograph our display content series in multiple spots in the studio, we mapped out a digital and spatial strategy, considering animation schedules, time lapses, and a spectrum of customer responses. One feature we developed was a digital queue system, which engaged customers by revealing their names and providing status on expected wait time.

The Sprint Studio store offers visitors a unique way to experience Sprint’s products and services, including voice, data, text, email, Web-surfing, Sprint TV, Sprint Music, GPS navigation and Direct Connect in an environment that encourages hands-on learning and interaction. Continuum created motion graphic languages of synchronized light and audio effects that extended and empowered Sprint’s brand experience.

The heart of the Sprint Studio is the Digital Lounge. Continuum partnered with TacTable, a local technology start-up company from the MIT Media Lab, to design media tables to encourage customers to connect with content. These digital canvases feature advanced touch screen interfaces showcasing proprietary motion graphics, often encased in illuminated 2d orbs. When a customer touches an orb or places a coaster sensor on the table, the orb opens to reveal “media snacks” – music, video, TV, games, and even an interactive DJ turntable. The Digital Lounge creates a low-pressure environment for sales employees to engage with customers, while continuously allowing people to freely connect with technology and discover at their own pace.