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Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained

What if a toothbrush could clean the earth as well as your mouth? That’s the question Preserve has been asking – and answering – for nearly 15 years. With toothbrushes made from recycled plastic yogurt containers, Preserve has always offered consumers a unique road to sustainability. When Preserve wanted to expand their reach, they came to Continuum to broaden their target audience, clarify their brand message, and make recycling easier than ever.

The Mail Back-Pack is durable enough to protect the toothbrush during transport but light enough to support energy-efficient shipping.

Though Preserve toothbrushes were made from 100% recycled plastic, they were often not recycled in turn. To solve this, Continuum and Preserve created the innovative toothbrush Mail-Back Pack, a package that doubles as a return envelope so customers can send the toothbrush to Preserve after use. Preserve turns the used brushes into plastic lumber for picnic tables and boardwalks, extending the plastic’s lifecycle to a third stage of reuse.

The Mail Back-Pack, also made of recycled material, is durable enough to protect the toothbrush during transport but light to support energy-efficient shipping.

To emphasize the unique brand message, Continuum created Preserve’s powerful new tagline: “Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained.” Continuum also named and implemented Preserve’s pioneering “Gimme 5” campaign for recycling #5 plastic, a type that most community recycling programs do not accept. These new messages and creations have boosted environmental awareness and sales for Preserve. Within three weeks of the Mail-Back Pack’s launch on Earth Day, 2010, the product was outselling Preserve’s previous offerings by 45 percent.