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Nestlé Perugina

Raising the Bar

Perugina had a chocolate bar called “Nero Perugina” in the European market but wanted to extend its product portfolio with a more distinctive bar, which would reinforce its brand presence and create a highly identifiable and accessible product, which fosters playfulness and “shareability.”

The resulting product is a “chocolate bar for all” with a chunky structure whose units are clearly marked with small grooves, designed to encourage consumers to crack the bar and co-experience it. The hole in the middle of each module is distinctive and emphasizes playfulness. Technically, it also increases the perception of chocolate consistency and taste.

The pause, which the hole generates in the bite, intensifies the sensation of gratification and creates air, which favors melting.

The modular architecture was conceived to facilitate resizing and enable the transformation of the bar into a snack. Each design detail of the module enhances both individual and convivial consumption of the Perugina Tablò.

Using a holistic approach, the entire consumption experience was considered and users were actively engaged througout the design process.  Human-centered design methodologies were used to gain a deeper understanding of the irrational aspects which characterized chocolate consumption, such as playfulness, enjoyment, sensuality, desire and conviviality. The concept was also prototyped and tested by chefs to assess the whole customer journey. The final outcome embodies elements of collective and individual imagination, meanings attached to ritual gestures related to chocolate consumption, as well as pleasurable aspects present in its eating experience.