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Leveraged Freedom Chair Concept

Collaboration on Mobility for Many Worlds

Wheelchairs the bring the gift of mobility to millions of disabled individuals, until rough terrain gets in the way.

What if we could give people even more flexibility regardless of nature’s conditions?

The Leveraged Freedom Chair is a versatile wheelchair, aimed to improve wheelchair user experience. The original model, which was developed by the MIT Mobility Lab and produced by GRIT, is remarkable for its usability and affordability. Its dual hand levers equip it to move along even the most rugged of terrain.

Continuum helped the team envision a new generation of the design, aimed at wheelchair riders in the United States. This model, the LFC Prime, is a concept model of the chair, showing what might be possible in First World countries. Continuum created design concepts for the LFC Prime with the aim of showcasing a concept of what’s possible in the developed world.

GRIT launched a new version of the product called the Freedom Chair in the United States. For more information, visit



Fast Company Innovation By Design Award
Concepts Award
International Design Excellence Awards
Bronze, Leisure & Recreation Concepts
Red Dot Award
Spark International Design Awards
World Changing Category