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Holiday Inn

Monetizing a Lobby Experience

No longer content to stay cocooned in their rooms, guests at Holiday Inn held a changing set of needs — and the world’s largest hotel chain knew it needed to rethink its brand and guest experience to serve them better.

The flow-through lobby attracts guests day and night.

Today’s Holiday Inn guests — predominantly business travelers, families, and small groups — want to socialize and engage with others during their stay. Faced with lobbies and restaurants too outdated to meet these needs, guests often chose to spend their time and money elsewhere.

Continuum, working in partnership with Holiday Inn and ai3, created the Hub — transforming Holiday Inn lobbies into combination coffeehouses, mini-marts, pubs, and video arcades. The flow-through lobby attracts guests day and night.

Couples can relax at the Hub with a drink and an appetizer, watching television, playing Wii, or starting a scrabble game over a nightcap.
A new grab-and-go café sells refrigerated and frozen food, such as pesto and grilled-vegetable sandwiches, 24-hours a day.

The Hub’s design creates a cohesive space that lets guests flow between areas, giving them flexibility to do what they want, while also provides for more efficient staffing. Although appearing seamless, the design is modular, allowing owners to customize based on their floor plan and unique mix of guests while retaining a core Holiday Inn experience. Based on its adaptability and the design flow of its components, the Hub requires zero additional spending on staff to implement and run.

By offering a new guest experience, the Hub differentiates Holiday Inn from its competitors and is projected to increase bookings as well as food and beverage sales. Designed and built within a year, the successful pilot has led to an aggressive international rollout beginning in 2012.

Spark International Design Awards
Winner Environments Category