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Understanding the Consumer Side of Sustainability

Sustainability has become an imperative.  Despite economic challenges over the last few years, forward thinking businesses continue to pursue sustainable practices and offerings as part of their corporate missions.

Yet, there is a disconnect when it comes to consumer demand. Many companies have made the assumption that people will choose green products for the sake of being green, but this logic does not hold up for the majority of consumers.  Especially at a time when budgets are tight, people are unwilling to pay a premium for environmental products and services. 

In order for environmental sustainability to be financially sustainable, it needs to make sense for people. To address this challenge, Continuum spearheaded a research project, called Colorblind, which focused on how people think about the environment and their impact on it. The results shed light on consumer motivations, mental models, and decision making as they relate to environmental choices.

Colorblind pdf