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Branding by Design

Historically focused on supplying cost-conscious computer peripherals and soft goods, Targus needed to elevate the perception of its brand and reinvent itself for today’s more sophisticated consumer. A key part of the plan: Launching innovative and high-quality peripherals for Ultrabook laptops. The products had to have a lifestyle focus, attract a highly mobile consumer, and appeal to women without alienating men. This required both clear messaging and a unique design solution.

Targus engaged Continuum to help create a collection of Ultralife products with a high-quality look and a feel and a distinct visual DNA.

The thin, aluminum-shell peripherals feature a slim profile that makes them suited for an on-the-go lifestyle. Each product also features a strong design element as a focal point. The “signature ring” serves both as a strong, unexpected visual, and also allows the consumer to define usability: hang it, clip it, tether it, enjoy it.

An important part of launching the product line was determining how to showcase it at retail. In a highly saturated market, communicating with the customer at first sight becomes challenging. The Ultralife packaging highlights the unique aspects of the collection by presenting the products inside premium transparent packaging, which displays the thinness and purity of materials. The visual DNA of the collection is complemented by the top ring of the packaging, which forms a hook and brings a nonconventional design element similar to that of the product itself.

Targus has launched the first four products in the Ultralife family—a wireless mouse, a wireless mouse and presenter, a stylus, and a portable USB hub.  The products have been very well-received by retailers and Targus is excited about their sales potential.