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Product Design

Meet Felix

Boston 11.01.12, 04:23PM by Michael Blanding

All of us here at Continuum are thrilled to announce the arrival of Felix, a company headed by our very own former Chief Operating Officer Chris Michaud.

Felix is all about simplicity—creating fun, functional products that make technology easier to use. And a handful of Continuum’s all star designers worked on the initial products: Big shout out to Kevin Young, Will Thomas and Jung Tak. Felix’s first two products are both tablet stands.

TwoHands resembles a giant butterfly clip with two small grasping hands at the ends. But with one squeeze it holds on tightly to any size tablet and can slide to infinitely adjust to any viewing angle. MonkeyDo is a cheeky plastic monkey with bendable arms to grip the sides of the tablet and a firm base to keep it upright. Both products are initially on sale exclusively at Staples. We know what we’ll be giving to our friends for the holidays this year.

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