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Shanghai is the most technically and culturally advanced city in China—and the world’s center for new trends.

The Continuum Shanghai office is located in Surpass Court, or 永嘉庭 in Chinese, which literally means “everlasting (永 – yong) excellence (嘉 – jia) court (庭 – ting ). It is centered at the heart of the city, which is considered the gateway to the emerging markets of tier two, three and four cities.



New Business: Brian Wen +86 (0)21 2422 0555

Media Inquiries : Hedy Bok +86 (0)21 2422 0555

570 Yong Jia Road, Building 5, 3/F, Shanghai, China 200031

Tel: +86 (0)21 2422 0555
Fax: +86 (0)21 2422 0555



Continuum is located Just off line 1 (Hengshan Road Station) and 7 (Zhaojiabang Road Station), a few blocks from the Office of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum.