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Business Design, Consumer Non Durables, Design Trends, Global Markets, Health Care, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 08.15.14, 11:30AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. Product Packaging Our Christine Horan and Jason Robertson agree that if you can protect a product and have an appealing clear package, see-through food packaging can boost sales. Retail Expansion The New York Times explains … Read more

Design Trends, Digital Design, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 08.08.14, 10:00AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. Urban Innovation What does it take to become the world’s leading urban innovation lab? Our own Alison Kotin and Jason Lee respond to an article in Forbes. Medical Device Design Our very own Allan Cameron … Read more

Brand, Business Design, Health Care, Innovation, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 08.01.14, 01:30PM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. Shifting Innovation Our very own Jon Campbell and Rachel Lehrer respond to a Harvard Business Review article about the need to change people’s mental models to embrace new innovative offerings. Intervention and Innovation Can state … Read more

Business Design, Design Trends, Digital Design, Health Care, Innovation, Product Design, Service Design, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 07.25.14, 11:52AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal.  The Wearable Wallet With the interest in wearable devices at an all-time high, Wired explains the next generation of wearable technology: the wallet. Innovative Data Collection New ways to use “big data” in the medical … Read more

Consumer Understanding, Future Made Real, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 07.18.14, 11:00AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. A Leader in Human-Centered Design Breaking In features a profile about our founder, Gianfranco Zaccai, in order to show how he emerged as a leader in human-centered design. Customer Service Leadership Instilling successful customer service … Read more

Business Design, Future Made Real, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation, Product Design, Service Design, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 07.03.14, 09:43AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. When Life Hands You Lemons According to Forbes, a lemonade stand is an example of how Americans embrace a free market economy and foster entrepreneurial and innovative spirits. The Fitness Tracker Battle The health and … Read more

Business Design, Consumer Understanding, Design Trends, Future Made Real, Global Markets, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Technology

This Week Made Real

Boston 06.27.14, 10:00AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. Design Made Real As the Cooper Hewitt Museum prepares for it’s reopening, it aims to bring the design process to life through creative design, experimentation, and positive change. Global Retail Expansion Forbes explains how retail … Read more

Digital Design, Future Made Real, Global Markets, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation, Service Design, Technology, Usability

This Week Made Real

Boston 06.13.14, 10:06AM by Gabriella DAgostino

Our top reads this week on things we care about—topics of design, service innovation, product development, technology, and healthcare #madereal. Leveraging Customer Engagement  Our client CGAP explains how the use of mobile phones can engage customers in Africa in order to help deliver insurance projects. Cloud Computing Made Real According to the Wall Street Journal, … Read more

Global Markets, Health Care

Healthcare for the Emerging Middle Class

Boston 05.27.14, 02:33PM by Mike Dunkley

Jana Care and Continuum partnered to develop a mobile diabetes management system. Read about how this new product is impacting the emerging global middle class, especially in India. View on Scribd here.Read more

Health Care

Focusing Diagnostics on the Experience

Boston 03.05.14, 03:52PM by Mike Dunkley

With Theranos gaining publicity for its mission to revolutionize clinical lab testing, many people are scratching their heads about how it’s being achieved.  However, put technological curiosity aside and take note of the compelling customer value proposition that has guided development of its service: Easy access for customers via “Wellness Centers” within 5 miles of … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design

Innovations in Designer Care

Boston 02.28.14, 12:31PM by Evan Davis

Mike Dunkley, VP of Program Development at Continuum Advanced Systems, discusses advances in targeted therapeutics and the future of pharmaceuticals at the 2013 Future of Health Technology Summit. The Future of Health Technology Summit is an annual event that brings together leading health and technology experts to reveal, share and debate ideas about cutting-edge medical … Read more

Health Care, Technology

We’ll be at the 2013 AACC Expo

Boston 07.17.13, 10:49AM by Evan Davis

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry Expo is less than two weeks away, and we look forward to seeing you there. At our booth, we’ll have two revolutionary products we helped create. The first is the RainDance RainDropTM Digital PCR System, a device that is poised to transform the performance of molecular assays used in … Read more

Health Care, Product Design, Service Design, Technology

NFC – Still in the Outfield

Boston 05.22.13, 03:01PM by Brian Gillespie

The Near Field Communications (NFC) Community Circle of MIT’s Enterprise Forum met this week to discuss the current and potential impact of NFC on health and wellness. An interesting cross-section of experts in the field, from developers to marketers, debated the relative success of NFC to date. Though there was a general belief that NFC … Read more

Health Care, Innovation, Technology

Big Pharma meets Big Data

Boston 05.15.13, 02:22PM by Brian Gillespie

May 13th”s Innovation Series from the MIT Enterprise Forum featured a panel discussion on the impact of big data on Healthcare in general and Pharma in particular. The panelists represented diverse backgrounds including academic research, large pharmaceuticals, and venture investment and proceeded to identify a series of challenges and opportunities manifest as a result of … Read more

Health Care, Product Design

Putting Market Application Up-Front When Developing Clinical Diagnostic Devices

Boston 05.14.13, 09:52AM by Mark West

The field of diagnostic testing is going through a quiet revolution. Healthcare reform’s emphasis on results-driven medicine has put a greater urgency on early and accurate diagnosis. At the same time, advances in technology are leading to new breakthroughs in research almost daily, increasing the opportunities for new clinical devices. The reality, however, is that … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design, NXT

The #NXT Generation of Healthcare

Boston 04.10.13, 02:50PM by Sean Brennan

Watch Sean Brennan discuss The #NXT Generation of Healthcare at the 2013 Healthcare Experience Design Conference in Boston.Read more

Health Care

Welcome to the Petri Dish: The Continuum Healthbox Kick Off

Boston 04.02.13, 10:24AM by Chad Callaghan

Last week, Continuum kicked-off its second year of involvement with Healthbox, a heathcare-focused start-up incubator headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Boston and London. During the three-month program, Continuum will work as thought partners and coaches to the ten start-up companies accepted into the program. While the companies address many facets of the healthcare market … Read more

Brand, Health Care, Innovation, Product Design

This Week in Design

Boston 03.22.13, 12:16PM by Michael Blanding

With so much being reported from the design and innovation communities, we’ve decided to pull together some of the most compelling stories we’ve been reading each week. Keep an eye here for a round up of news every Friday.   Demand for Tailored Customer Experience Put Brand Loyalty at Risk, by Marisa Peacock CMS Wire … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design

Hospitals by Design: Solving the Problem of Medical Information Overload

Boston 03.08.13, 12:36PM by Scott Openshaw

Hospital environments are stressful scenes: blaring alarms, beeping machines, busy monitors, and endless tubes and wires all vie for doctors’ and nurses’ attention and overload their senses. “Alarm fatigue,” the phenomenon whereby health professionals get overwhelmed by and ignore the constant cacophony of alarm sirens has become a national problem. One study at Johns Hopkins … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design

Winners Announced: 2013 HxD Conference Contest

Boston 03.01.13, 01:09PM by Emily Paisner

We have had so much fun watching your videos and decoding your tweets! We were impressed by the wealth of creativity, thoughtfulness, and progressive ideas you shared with us about what you envisioned a doctor’s appointment may look like in 2033. With no further ado, we are pleased to announce the winners of two passes … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design

Enter to Win: What will a doctor’s appointment look like in 2033?

Boston 02.18.13, 07:00AM by Emily Paisner

If our healthcare system was a person, she’d be sick. Very sick. You know the diagnosis: skyrocketing costs, doctor shortages, inefficiencies, overprescribing tests – the list could go on and on. That’s why every year Continuum participates in MadPow’s Healthcare Experience Design Conference, a confab of healthcare superheroes working on the edge to design a … Read more

Health Care, Human Centered Design, Product Design

Medical Device Home Use Guideline Draft: A Clarification or Complication?

Boston 02.12.13, 12:08PM by Scott Openshaw

As medical treatment becomes more personalized and tailored to individuals—and medical devices become more portable—there  is a growing concern about ensuring these devices are safe for home use. The home environment introduces new risks for equipment including: less sterile areas, untrained individuals, and less checks and balances. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the … Read more

Health Care

If it were easy, everyone would do it: 3 keys to a winning healthcare startup

Boston 02.06.13, 05:55PM by Tony Driscoll

The healthcare industry is demanding change, and thousands of healthcare entrepreneurs are vying to deliver. They’re building companies focused on changing the system by reducing waste, increasing quality, and decreasing costs. And investors have responded, leading to 60 percent more deals in 2012 over the previous year and almost 50 percent more venture capital funding. … Read more

Design Trends, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation, Technology, Usability

The Latest Buzz in Health

Boston 01.30.13, 02:47PM by Mariah Levitt

If you’re like me, every January presents two constants – the resolution to lead a healthier life and the excitement of seeing what gadgets are revealed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  This year, the two were surprisingly aligned. More than 200 of the over 3,000 exhibitors showed off health-related gizmos—a 25% upswing from … Read more

Design Trends, Health Care

Wearable Health: A Space to Watch

Boston 01.21.13, 06:00AM by Joanna Kirtley

What started out as something only a small group of devoted quantified selfers cared about was the hot topic at CES 2013. Whether you want to call it quantified self, connected health, or wearable health  – it’s a space to watch. I’m a quantified self enthusiast. I’ve owned two Fitbits, have been using some combination … Read more

Consumer Understanding, Health Care, Human Centered Design, Innovation

Xconomy Conference: iRobot/inTouch Health Telemedicine Robot

Boston 01.07.13, 03:21PM by Chad Callaghan

Recently, I attended Xconomy’s “Healthcare in Transition Conference,” held at Microsoft’s NERD Center near MIT. iRobot CEO Colin Angle did a live demo of the FDA-approved RP-VITA telemedicine robot that the company has developed in partnership with inTouch Health. If you’re not familiar with iRobot, the company produces robots that make everyday tasks (vacuuming, gutter cleaning) … Read more

Health Care

The Next Revolution in Healthcare: Tony Driscoll on WGBH’s Innovation Hub

Boston 11.15.12, 05:42PM by Alanna Fincke

A not-so quiet revolution is emerging in healthcare. Health accelerator programs like Healthbox are causing entrepreneurs — who previously didn’t know how to approach the industry — to flock to opportunities to make real change in a broken system. “People from really varied backgrounds are taking a lot of skills from different markets and applying … Read more

Health Care

Rapid Prototyping, Start-Up Style

Boston 11.07.12, 07:18PM by Gianna Ericson

This post was written by Gianna Ericson and Daniel Sobol “Here’s the deal. You will wear an adult brief (which is what you think it is). No, you will not have to actually use it. They are testing whether the system works when the brief is on an actual person rather than sitting in a … Read more

Health Care

Welcome to Boston AdvaMed!

Boston 09.27.12, 09:17AM by Tom Merle

We’re thrilled to welcome AdvaMed 2012, an annual conference for MedTech professionals, to Boston from Oct 1-3 for the very first time.  For the past five years, the conference has been held in Washington, DC but chose to come to Boston in recognition of the high profile of our vibrant MedTech cluster. Continuum has helped … Read more

Health Care, Innovation

Innovation and the FDA

Boston 09.25.12, 12:42PM by Chad Callaghan

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has multiple mandates. One of the agency’s primary responsibilities, according to their website, is to advance “the public health by helping to speed innovations that make medicines more effective, safer, and more affordable.” How does the FDA attempt to accelerate innovation? Recently, I heard Dr. Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Ph.D., Senior … Read more

Business Design, Health Care, Innovation

Identifying Innovation Opportunities: Mapping Industrial Evolutions

Boston 09.19.12, 03:01PM by Chad Callaghan

I recently attended a talk by Harvard Business School professor and innovation guru, Clayton Christensen. During his presentation, Christensen used a simple chart of concentric circles to explain how industries change from decentralized to centralized systems—and back again—as technology evolves and prices fall. The chart captures the initial drive toward centralization to capture profits, followed … Read more

Global Markets, Health Care, Product Design, Service Design

CEO Harry West interviewed on WGBH’s Innovation Hub

Boston 08.21.12, 02:49PM by Emily Paisner

By: Kara Miller, WGBH “There have been times in American history when lifestyles changed so dramatically that the very products that shape our lives had to be completely rethought. One of those times was the mid 1940s, when millions of returning veterans wanted houses – and builders like Bill Levitt began to understand the power … Read more

Health Care

Herman Miller Compass System in Action

Boston 08.08.12, 02:13PM by Alanna Fincke

The Compass System, which Continuum designed in partnership with Herman Miller, provides a flexible and economical furniture solution for healthcare providers. Its modular components are easy to install with interchangeable parts that can be adapted and adjusted, giving users the ability to efficiently navigate change. The Madonna University College of Nursing and Health recently installed … Read more

Health Care

5 Steps To Designing A Better Healthcare System

Boston 04.25.12, 01:09PM by Devorah Klein

This article was written by Devorah Klein and Gianna Ericson If you want to know what’s ailing the U.S. health care system, just ask the person next to you. Chances are, she’ll have a personal horror story to share about outlandish costs, inaccessibility of care, the regulations strangle on innovation, the battery of tests that … Read more

Health Care

The Trouble With Treating Patients As Consumers

Boston 01.09.12, 07:24PM by Augusta Meill

This article was written by Augusta Meill and Gianna Ericson To be a patient today is to be treated as a consumer. But treating patients as typical proactive, in control, well-informed consumers can backfire. Asked to take on increasingly complex decisions and digest ever-larger amounts of information, patients find themselves placed — often by design … Read more

Health Care

What Wayne Gretzky Can Teach Us About Fixing Our Healthcare System

Boston 12.20.11, 04:26PM by Rick McMullen

In my last post on Co.Design, I wrote about how mandatory implementation of electronic medical records (EMRs) technology is forcing highly skilled physicians out of practice. The trend is primarily affecting the older generation of physicians, who didn”t grow up with computers. These doctors aren”t used to interacting with a big screen between them and … Read more

Health Care

Badly Designed Electronic Medical Records Can Kill You

Boston 08.17.11, 08:19PM by Rick McMullen

Last May, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center shut down its living donor kidney transplant program because of a serious medical error. A man in need of a transplant was given a kidney from a donor who did not know she had tested positive for hepatitis C. The positive test was, however, included in the donor’s medical record, and an automated alert saying as much was missed by all six members of the team reviewing the procedure. The incident resulted in the immediate shutdown of transplants, the demotion of the department head, the suspension of a nurse, and the initiation of two federal investigations.
There are two reasonable explanations for this incident. First, the six medical professionals reviewing the transplant records were incompetent and inattentive. Second, the system that was supposed to warn practitioners of the infection did not do its job, even though it did show a highlighted alert. Neither is easy to swallow. But there’s a growing body of evidence showing that the electronic medical records software designed to prevent precisely these types of errors may be contributing to them.Read more

Health Care

The Five Biggest Ideas On The Future Of Healthcare Design x3C

Boston 03.24.11, 07:37PM by Rick McMullen

Every year, the biggest ideas in health care are presented at the Mayo Clinic’s Transform conference in Rochester, Minnesota. I was there this year to present a pre-conference workshop with a Continuum colleague on everyday creativity, and another pair of Continuum designers gave a main-stage talk entitled, “Patient Centricity: A design identity crisis.” Also on the lineup were John Hockenberry and Roger Martin, bigwigs from J+J and GE Healthcare, and practitioners from the top-tier design and innovation firms. Many cutting-edge ideas were presented, along with some spirited debate on the hot topics of delivering care and the role of technology.
Here are my top five conference takeaways on the future design of health care.
First off, I keep running into the fact that…

1. Medicine is changing rapidly, and technology must keep up.
It’s often said that humans can’t keep up with technology. To a certain extent, that’s true. Generations of technology happen much more frequently than generations of people. However, there is a counterintuitive corollary to that, which is that medicine is moving so fast that the IT systems that support it aren’t flexible enough to adapt.
The practice of medicine changes constantly, and your product will have to change as well.Read more

Health Care

How We’re Botching Our Attempts To Redesign The Health Care System

Boston 03.02.11, 05:42PM by Rick McMullen

Fixing our floundering healthcare system may be the single most complex design challenge ever. Bad design forced Dr. Bruce Mason*, the clinical director of a large outpatient department at one of the preeminent teaching hospitals in the country, to force out one of the best doctors in his department. The doctor who was let go, … Read more

Health Care

Hospital Of One

Boston 11.02.10, 06:37PM by James Wilson

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Chronic illness has become the true burden on the healthcare system — accounting for over 75 percent of national health expenditures. To combat this systemic strain, the treatment of chronic and long-term care is being transferred out of hospitals and clinics and into the home. More than 65 million … Read more

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